TODO: [full list]
No BGSound (the background music is the start of "Fourty niners" artist: Gina Artworth)
graphics by artist nicubunu

you can play against a friend here
first real time network game
in javascript afaik .

i see the game is played by non-developers too.
for this reason i update this page:
1. if you want to contact me and request features,
complain or submit a bug, do it here
or mail me at jajalinux AT gmail .
or check my blog
2. legend:
bombs do no vaporate other bombs,
to get to the next level go through the door that is hidden under a fake-rock ,
the yellow monsters are smarter so pay attention to them,
get goodies that you find under the fake-rocks,
get a higher score,
ARROWS to move, SPACE to bomb.
P p ESC to pause
I minified the js source, you can still check it here and here.
1. a new monster added:

this guy can fly over walls. be aware! :). monsters being generated randomly, you may encounter it in the 2nd or 3rd level.
2. More sounds added for explosions and upon dying.
3. new darkBlue monster added, that changes into a fireball and cannot die at that moment.

SVN and screenshots here